How can we change or delete assign a letter of the system partition

The simplest way to hide a partition in the system is that you delete the letter assigned. Also, for To display a hidden partitionIe no point (label), All you have to do is to assign a letter and it will be listed in My Computer. If for some reason you want to hide a partition, or a partition display already hidden (sometimes when installing the two systems in dual-bootCertain partitions are visible in one system are hidden for the other and vice versa, or, rarely, after system reinstallation is possible that one or more partitions - other than the system - it is not listed in My Computer ) or change a partition letterThen the following information will certainly be helpful. We present two methods, very simple and easily applicable to delete, assign or change a partition letter.

1. Delete, assign or change a letter partitions using Disk Management.

open Start Menu and right click computer, select Manage from the menu (if you keep a shortcut My Computer on DesktopYou can right-click on it), then click on disk Management (In the left pane of the window displayed)

manage-computer manage disk.

a) How can we hide a partition

  • Select the partition you want to hide and right click on it
  • in the menu select Change Drive Letter and Paths

drive letter.

  • to remove drive letter, click on remove then Yes
remove-letter no-label-drive

Partition will no longer be listed in My Computer.


b) How can we display a hidden partition (no letter)

  • select the hidden partition and right click on it, then click on Change Drive Letter and Paths
  • to assign a drive letter, click on add then select Assign drive letter GMT


  • select the letter you want from the menu and click OK

Partition will again be listed in My Computer


c) How can we change a partition letter

  • Select the partition that you want to change the letter, right click on it and select Change Drive Letter and PathsThen click on Change
  • select Assign drive letter GMT and change the drive letter from the menu on the right


Partition will be listed in My Computer with the letter changed


2. Delete, assign and change the letter of a partition using Command Prompt

  • type cmd in Searchacquis in Start Menu and give Enter (If using Windows XP, type cmd in Run)
  • in Command Prompt enter diskpart and give Enter


  • type the command list volume and give Enter


  • to select the partition you want to delete / assign / change the point type the command select volume [No], where [No] is the volume number (in my case, the volume number is 3)


a) To hide partition

After selecting the amount, type remove letter [letter], where [Letter] is the drive letter (in my case letter X)


b) To assign a drive letter hidden (So ​​it will be listed in My Computer)

After selecting the hidden volume control type assign letter [letter], where [Letter] is the letter you want to assign (in my case the letter O)


c) To change / modify the letter a partition

After selecting the amount which you want to change drive letter type in the order of in paragraphs a) and b) - For example, to change the letter a partition of X into Y, first delete the letter X, already assigned partition, and then assign letter Y (in my case letters are A and X)


Note: The tutorial was done on Windows 7 OS, but it is also compatible with Vista or XP (for Vista and XP, so that changes can be made - at least in the case of the method Command Prompt - you must first restart the system).

How can we change or delete assign a letter of the system partition

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