How can we write / copy data on a drive (hard drive, memory stick) NTFS on Mac OS X

A article I wrote a few months ago show how to write data to a hard drive, USB memory, or a memory card whose volume is formatted in the NTFS.

NTFS (New Technology File System) is a filesystem developed Microsoft for their systems. Normally, systems Mac OS X can not read Data from the driveBut NTFS CEs can not write. For example, if we connect an external hard drive, a memory stick or any other NTFS system data storage to a Mac, we can copy the data from the external media to Mac hard diskbut we can not copy data / files on the Mac OS X hard drive to the NTFS external drive.

Even though you can not normally write data from Mac OS X to NTFS, there are still ways to do this.

Three ways we can copy files from Mac OS X on a drive in NTFS

The first method It is presented in the article "How to transfer files from Mac OS X on an external hard drive or stick formatted NTFS". Assumes purchase of software that installs on OS X. Paragon NTFS for Mac for $ 19.95 or Tux NTFS for Mac to $ 31. Paragon Of course recommended solution is that the OS X El Capitan runs in a very quiet, also being the cheapest.

A second method that you can copy files from OS X on an NTFS disk comes from Seagate. Seagate offer free for download and install Paragon NTFS software for those who purchase a product from its hard drive.

A third method and the least indicated is from Apple. This is an experimental method for which Apple cannot be held responsible for errors, hard disk damage or data loss. Apple NTFS Experimental - Writing Support It involves modifying system files and should keep in mind several requirements.
First make sure that hard disk nameacquis (label) It is composed of a single word. Open Terminal (Applications> Utilities> Terminal) and then run the command line:

sudo nano / etc / fstab

enter user password on OS X so you can edit the file "fstab" and add in this line below:

LABEL = NUME_HARD none ntfs rw, auto, nobrowse

Replace “HARD_NAME” with the name in a word of the NTFS drive connected to Mac OS X, then Ctrl+ X and press "Y" to save the changes to "fstab".

Screen Shot at 2015 12-18-12.33.22 PM

After this step, disconnect and reconnect the external hard disk NTFS. Normally it should appear in / Volumes. Open the Finder, go to the menu at the top to Go> Go to Folder and type in / Volumes. Access NTFS drive and check that you can copy files from Mac OS X hard drive NTFS.

How can we write / copy data on a drive (hard drive, memory stick) NTFS on Mac OS X

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