How can we delete synchronized data from Cloud in Windows 8.1

With the launch Windows 8, Microsoft introduced the ability system to sync personal settings users (themes si backgrounds for Start Screen, Desktop si Lock Screen, saved passwords, languages Pick your favorite system history de online navigation si your favorite sites or Applications settings), Between PCs used by them through SkyDrive. Although this feature is most often useful, such as cases in which users own more PCs and want to synchronize System settings between them or do not want to lose these settings after a Reset PC, There are occasions in which synchronizing personal settings It may inconvenience (for example, when you want it reset them, but immediately after connecting to Microsoft account, Previously synced settings the cloud They are synced back to your PC).

Fortunately, for such occasions, Microsoft put users access to a web page through which they can delete the personalized settings cloud systems.

How do we delete personal settings from the cloud in Windows 8.1?

If you would like to and remove personal settings of the system your operating Windows 8.1 from SkyDriveVisit the following page:

You will be greeted by a screen instructions for what you need to do before deleting personal data in the cloud, and button remove which will delete those data.


Before pressing the button remove, Be careful disable sync with SkyDrive all PCs with Windows 8 si Windows 8.1 are connected to your Microsoft account (In this way, the system settings will no longer be synchronized after deletion of cloud). To disable synchronization, follow the instructions below (present on the page where you can delete your personal settings in the cloud)

  • open menu Charms, Click on Settings then Change PC settings
  • select SkyDrive, Click on Sync settingsThen disable option Sync your settings on this PC


  • repeat steps and other PCs connected to your Microsoft account

If you activated on one or more PCs connected to your Microsoft and The backup feature al System settingsWill be and delete those backups visiting this page (Device settings page):

To delete backups have set, Click the button Delete found next to every backup listed on the page.

delete-backed-up settings

Note: Valid for Windows 8.

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to delete synced personal data from the cloud in Windows 8.1

How can we delete synchronized data from Cloud in Windows 8.1

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