How can we supplement RAM on Windows Vista, using a USB flash memory (Stick)

Probably most of you who use USB flash drives (Memory sticks) after you stick connected to your PC, appeared in a box (AutoPlay), A list with more options .... (See image below.)

The last option in the list is called "Speed ​​up my system using Windows ReadyBoost". If you click on this option, a box will open in which you have the option to use USB StickCPC as RAM. All you have to do is check the box next to "Use this device"." -> Apply -> OK.

If you have 2GB USB memory and free space, just 260MB, Windows Vista will use only free space (ie 260MB), a space that can no longer be used for data storage. Once this option is activated, a file will appear on the stick "ReadyBoost.sfcache"The 260MB. (in my case) . To increase performance operating system, it recommended would be to not have data stored on USB memory and use it only as a supplement external RAM.

For a system running OS Windows Vista, this option is welcome (on Windows XP, there is no such option), known to be that Vista requires a lot of system resources (RAM + CPU) especially when running with the AERO GUI.

PS So you can use a USB memory to supplement the RAM, it must be certified ReadyBoost USB 2.0 (most of which are on the market are 2.0 ReadyBoost USB).

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