How can we supplement RAM on Windows Vista, using a USB flash memory (Stick)

Probably most of you who use USB flash drives (Memory sticks) after you stick connected to your PC, appeared in a box (AutoPlay), A list with more options .... (See image below.)

autorun flash

The last option in the list is called "Speed ​​up my system using Windows ReadyBoost". If you click on this option, a box will appear that you have the option to use USB StickCPC as RAM. All you have to do is check the box next to "Use this device"." -> Apply -> OK.

ram device

If you have 2GB USB memory and free space, just 260MB, Windows Vista will use only free space (ie 260MB), a space that can no longer be used for data storage. Once this option is activated, a file will appear on the stick "ReadyBoost.sfcache"The 260MB. (in my case) . To increase performance operating system, it recommended would be to not have data stored on USB memory and use it only as a supplement external RAM.

For a system running OS Windows Vista, this option is welcome (on Windows XP, there is no such option), known to be that Vista requires a lot of system resources (RAM + CPU) especially when running with the AERO GUI.

PS So you can use a USB memory to supplement the RAM, it must be certified ReadyBoost USB 2.0 (most of which are on the market are 2.0 ReadyBoost USB).

How can we supplement RAM on Windows Vista, using a USB flash memory (Stick)

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