How can you restore a previous version of Windows installed Windows 7 using Windows.old [Restore Windows.old]

If you recently installed / reinstalled Windows 7 of computer equipment (yours or others: P) and then you realize that you are or lazy to reinstall all the programs we use forward and back transfer personal files manually C: \ (If you keep them there) or miss system you used before, you'll probably be glad to know that you can return to old operating system (Previously installed) folder using Windows.ols (programs, settings and documents to be restored in the system folders, Where he did age before reinstallation).

Attention! Before you put in your application that is written in this tutorial, make sure there is a folder called Windows.old on the system partition and that is enough free space on it. It is also recommended to make a backup of Windows.old folder before you make any modification thereof.

Why you need to re Windows.old a recently installed system:

  • Windows installation DVD 7
  • 10 free minutes
  • Courage: D

What steps you should follow:

1. After you have reinstalled the operating system and have concluded that prefer the previous version installed, enter the new Installation DVD in the DVD and give it a reboot. When the option appears on the screen, press any key to boot from the DVD

2. The installation menu click on Repair Your Computer, Select the version of Windows OS you want to fix / restore (System Recovery Options), Click on NextThen open Command Prompt.

3. Type the following commands in Command Prompt (one at a time) and give Enter after each (these commands will rename system folders to restore from Windows.old folder):


Windows reindeer Windows.New

ren "Program Files" "Program Files.New"

ren "Users" "Users.New"

ren "Documents and Settings" "Documents and Settings.New"

* If after one or more of these commands will display the message "The system can not find the file specified." Simply move on to the next command (ren "Users" is available for Windows Vista and Windows 7, ren "Documents and Settings "is available for Windows XP and Windows 2000)

4. To move content folder windows.old in system folders, you must type in the command prompt the following set of commands (all in order and all the time):

move / yc: \ windows.old \ windows c: \

move / y "c: \ windows.old \ program files" c: \

move / y "c: \ windows.old \ documents and settings" c: \(This command is available if you want Windows to restore it or XP ori 2000)

move / yc: \ windows.old \ users c: \ (Valid if Windows you want to restore is all Windows 7 or Windows Vista)

5. After you have moved the content windows.old in system folders, you must restore and boot sector the previous Windows version.

a). If your previous Windows version is Windows XP or Windows 2000, Type the following command in Command Prompt

D:\ Boot \ bootsect / nt52 c: (where D: \ is the DVD, if your DVD drive is another letter, replace D with that letter)

and then restore files boot.ini using the following command (all in cmd):


boot.ini.saved attrib-s-h-r

ren "boot.ini.saved" "boot.ini"

boot.ini attrib + s + h + r

a). If your previous Windows version is Windows 7 or Windows Vista, Type the following command (for these OS's is unnecessary and restoring boot.ini file)

D:\ Boot \ bootsect / nt60 c: (where D: is the DVD)

6). Then close the Command Prompt and give a reboot. Windows will boot you have previously installed version of Windows 7.

Note: This method is not completely risk-free. We do not guarantee that any possible errors in the Windows version restored. If there will be errors after restore, try a Startup Repair (using DVD / CD to install Windows restored version). It also does not guarantee that it will work. If errors persist, try to reinstall that software to errors.

How can you restore a previous version of Windows installed Windows 7 using Windows.old [Restore Windows.old]

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