How to allocate more space for Recycle Bin

Recently I was surprised that Recycle Bin to "refuse" to get in "hosting" a file a somewhat appreciable size (~ 4GB). The only option I had was to permanently delete file, since it "weighed"More than I could bear"scales"(too large for the Recycle Bin folder).


I do not know exactly what criterion is assigned space the Recycle Bin, in turn know that it is spread by all partitions existing hard-diskului/-urilor. When you send some files in "exile" until we decide whether to permanently delete them or not, they gather piece The Recycle Bin existence on the same partition they were files. If files are larger than the size of the Recycle Bin, partition allocated, they will be "No thoroughfare".

The solution for such situations is increasing space Storage of the Recycle Bin. How can you do this? Give right click on iconIts your Desktop and select Properties menu displayed.


To mari (or decrease) Space (in MB) Must change the amount next Custom size (Maximum size).


click Apply si OK and ready! Recycle Bin has both space you want to assign as your Recommended is that it is neither too big, penru the "break" of storage space on the hard drive, but not too small to avoid problems like the one presented at the beginning of this post.

Note: Before making these changes, make sure the Recycle Bin is empty.

How to allocate more space for Recycle Bin

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