How to persuade the PC's Power Button to display the Shutdown menu in Windows XP

If your environment swarming people (younger brothers, grandchildren or parents) who have no idea how to walk with a computer and tend to push buttons of pure random curiosity (what does this button do?) Or to close (common case), then it would be a good idea you do not leave your computer open and eventually he remove / hide the cord when you're not around. Or if you have a habit of watching it on (usually expensive: P), maybe it would be better if you set Power buttonThat by default close PC, Display Shutdown menuSo system Your be protected (as we all know, it is not recommended to turn off the computer directly to the button).

To set button Power to display menu Shutdown when clicked, you have to follow a few simple steps:

1. Right-click the monitor and select Properties from the menu. In display Properties click on the tab Screen saver and then the button Power.


2. In Power Options Properties select the tab Advanced. section Power Buttons You can choose how to react Windowsul when you press the Power button:

When I press the power button on my computer:

    • do nothing
    • Ask me what to do
    • Stand by
    • Hibernate
    • Shut down


    • 3. click


    • then

PC reboots

    • . From now on, every time you (or


    ) Push button Power Shutdown menu will be displayed on the monitor.

How to persuade the PC's Power Button to display the Shutdown menu in Windows XP

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