How to create a Quick Launch Toolbar in Windows 7

If you have recently dropped to Windows XP or Windows Vista in favor of the Windows 7Most likely you have not "adapted" completely new characteristics of it and still have a tendency to look for certain features of the old OSSites that do not exist by default in new operating system.

If you used to work with Quick Launch and you are lacking in Windows 7, in this article you will find all information necessary how you can create your own, the only one Quick Launch toolbar to make the new system a little more friendly and accessible.

How can we create Quick Launch in Windows 7?

  • First we create a folder in My Documents (C: Users <username> My Documents) Which we will denote Quick Launch Toolbar (Although this folder name and location may be different, it will be easier to identify later if you follow the directions above)


  • then open the newly created folder and add in it shortcuts for applications / programs we use most often (drag & drop) And we want to have on hand anytime (for starters is enough to add only a shortcut, and later will add them to the others)


  • Right-clicked taskbar and clear Lock the TaskbarThen give the mou right-click on taskbar, Select Toolbars> New Toolbar

New toolbar

  • then navigate to the folder Quick Launch Toolbar created My Documents and we click on Select Folder (Or the folder created for this purpose, the location chosen for "storage")


  • to make Quick Launch created the simplest to use, right-clicked it and deselect Show Text si Show Title

show text-title

  • then add it all shortcuturi folder that you want them


Enjoy Quick Launch! : D

Note: As with Windows XP, Quick Launch, can be moved right or left taskbar (Windows default it will add to his right). To avoid "hanging" in error with the mouse and the Quick Launch will not see the need to repair or recreate, right click on the Taskbar and select Lock the Taskbar.

How to create a Quick Launch Toolbar in Windows 7

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