How to disable Control Panel in Windows 7

Those who share personal computer with family or friends most likely want to take some measures so that they can not change settings OS. If you are in this situation, one of the most recommended precautions you need to take is to disable the Control PanelSo that no other user on the computer besides your not able to access it. After disabling the control panel will disappear Start Menu and the Windows ExplorerAnd if you try to access it through Searchacquis in Start Menu will see a error message will instriinta users access to it is restricted.

How can we disable the Control Panel in Windows 7

There are two ways you can disable the Control Panel in Windows 7: one by Local Group Policy Editor and another by registry editor (registry Editor).

1. Disable Control Panel through the Local Group Policy Editor

  • enter gpedit.msc in Search site from Start Menu to open Group Policy EditorThen navigate to User Configuration> Administrative Templates> Control Panel


  • in panel Settings Right double-click on Prohibited access to the Control PanelThen, in the dialog box, select Enable and click on OK.


  • you will notice that disappeared link to the Control Panel from Start Menu (Indicating restriction that was put on it).


2. Disable Control Panel using Registry Editor

  • to open the registry editor by typing regedit in Search site from Start Menu and give Enter.
  • then navigate to key site HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrent VersionPoliciesExplorer


  • in the right pane create DWORD entry NoControlPanelThen modify the value in 1


  • then give a restart PC for the changes to take effect


If you wish to reactivate the Control Panel, Follow exactly the same path (valid for 1 point for point 2) and then, if necessary, make the changes:

  • in Group Policy Editor select option Disable for Prohibited access to the Control Panel
  • in registry Editor change input value NoControlPanel in 0

Note: 1 method to disable the Control Panel is not available for those who have Windows 7 Home Edition. Also, users of Windows Vista and Windows XP, we recommend the second method if they want to follow this tutorial. Before making any changes in your system registry, make a backup recommend all of them to avoid unpleasant consequences.

How to disable Control Panel in Windows 7

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