How to disable Sticky / Filter Keys in Windows Vista and Windows 7

users Windows who tend to use pretty much the key Shift (Especially games) are probably more than familiar with Sticky or Filter Keys. And this is not because accustomed to use (most probably are not interested in it) these functions of Windows, But because they have a habit silly ask permission activation in the "right" moments.

What is Sticky Keys and Filter Keys how they can be disabled?

Sticky Keys activates when Press Shift key 5 times and it has a role to serialize typing keystrokes (Ie instead of typing multiple keys simultaneously, we press those keys at a time, the effect is the same). For example, instead of typing Ctrl + Alt + Del (all three keys simultaneously), we activate Sticky Keys if we can get the same effect if first press Ctrl and Alt and then Del.


Filter Keys activates when keep the Shift key pressed for 8 seconds and results ignoring or repeated short press keysIn addition may change a key repeat rate when it is held down long.


Although these sites feature are very helpful Windows users with physical disabilities (tremor or inability to move), can be very irritating to the average user in situations that require repeated use of the Shift key. To disable Sticky Keys and Filter Keys and to prevent their reactivation via the Shift key (also will be disabled and popups that permission for activating this feature sites), follow the instructions below:

  • open control Panel and navigate to Ease of Access Center
  • click on Make the keyboard easier to use

keyboard settings 

  • Sticky Keys to disable untick Turn on Sticky Keys from under Make it easier to type
  • then click on Set up Sticky KeysUntick Turn on Sticky Keys When SHIFT is pressed five times and click on Apply> OK


  • to disable Filter Keys, uncheck Turn on Filter Keys
  • then click on Set up Filter KeysUntick Turn Filter Keys on the when right SHIFT is pressed for 8 seconds and click on OK


Note: Windows XP users can disable Sticky Keys and Filter Keys in Control Panel> Accessibility.


How to disable Sticky / Filter Keys in Windows Vista and Windows 7

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