How to disappear or appear as icons on the desktop with a single click

Whether you prefer to keep each one shortcut pe desktop for everyone application installed, whether we keep the songs and / or favorite photos at hand or whether rescue all kinds of files and executable directly on the Desktop then you do not have to search through who knows what folders obscure (or not) inevitably come to a point that sometimes we can not distinguish background in many icons we encounter whenever open computer. If you are in the situation described above and either you are lazy to clean your Desktop or will not bear to give up no icon planted it, a way faster than using context MenuSite of the hide all files and icons who were busy for months, weeks or days over the background image is to create a shortcut that with a single click can make them appear or disappear at any time.

show desktop icons

HideDesktopIcons is a little application si portable replacing option Show desktop icons the Context Menu. Users Windows 7 can choose to add to taskbar (pin to taskbar) With other applications "fixed" there or choose to add to Start Menu to be able to assign them a shortcut on the keyboard (shortcut key).

taskbar shortcut


To choose a keyboard shortcuts for HideDesktopIcons, right click on the application in the Start Menu and select Properties menu displayed.

shortcut properties

In tab shortcut right click on the field of Shortcut key and press the key you want to use the shortcut (note that by default key combination will contain Ctrl + Alt +any_key, where any_key is the key you selected), then click on Apply si OK.

shortcut key

If you use an earlier version of Windows OS (Vista or XP) And want to add HideDesktopIcons in Quick Launch, Open a Windows Explorer and type shell: Quick Launch in the address bar (if you want to assign a shortcut key but for the application, you should add it to the Start Menu, Quick Launch because it does not allow keyboard shortcuts).

HideDesktopIcons {FileLink = 8}

Note: If you use HideDesktopIcons before you make a shortcut to Taskbar or Start Menu to make the icons appear again uncheck Show Desktop Icons Desktop first and then check it back in the Context Menu. If errors occur when using this program might not have installed Microsoft Visual C + +, you can download the .

How to disappear or appear as icons on the desktop with a single click

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