How to install any version (SKU) Windows 7

If you're curious what it looks like other versions of (Variant Beta disclosed by microsoft it is 7 Windows Ultimate, build 7000And the torrents majority found all Ultimate versions of builds later), then the next tweak will be helpful.

So, to install any version of Windows 7Regardless of which version you have (Home Basic, Professional Edition, UltimateEtc.) should follow the steps:

1. Extract into a new folder content image . Iso version of the one you have;

2. In that folder locate the folder sources and select the file ei.cfg


3. You have two options:

  • wipe file ei.cfgAnd the installation You will be asked which version of Windows 7 want to install;


  • or edit the file a Notepad so you can install version you want (change the word Ultimate with any other versions of Windows 7 names that you want to install).
  • edit_ei.cfg

Create a bootable CD or picture. iso from that folder, then install your Windows 7. Any version you want. ;)

How to install any version (SKU) Windows 7

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