How to Install Windows from USB stick 7

Some time ago I wrote a how can install without using Installation DVD, Montand image on a virtual DVD. But I noticed that many wonder whether you can install Windows 7 on USB stick. Can we say that (the proof: P). All you need is the image version you want to install (32bit or 64bit) and a USB stick 4GB (Because the images are 2.5 3.15 GB respectively).

First of all, you need to reformat the stick FAT32 to make bootThen mount the image on a Virtual DVD.

format_USBstick virtual_dvd

Then open Command Prompt cu Administrator rights and copy the Windows 7 image (.iso) USB stick using the command

  • xcopy f: g: / f / g (Where f is the virtual DVD and g: is the USB stick)
  • 7 Windows installation files will be copied to the USB stick. Then using the stick, you can install Windows 7 on all PCs that have option to boot from USB.

How to Install Windows from USB stick 7

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