How to change the location where you install the Default Windows

In any Windows, Default location where the application is installed system partition (If we Windows installed on C:There is installed and applications, if installed on D: for example, all applications in D: to install). Which can lead eventually if used resource-intensive applications / data (e.g Adobe Photoshop), The heavy load whenever Windows is started. To avoid this situation irritating (who likes to spin crank?) Solution is move the default location for installed applications in any other partition different from the system.

How can we change the default location to install applications in Windows? Quite simply, using a Registry tweak (Follow instructions below):

  • first open Registry Editor (Registry Editor) - type regedit in Searchacquis in Start Menu (Or open a Run and tastasti regedit) Then give Enter
  • follow the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion


  • in the right pane you enter (String) ProgramFilesDir whose default value is set C: Program Files (If you have Windows installed on C :), double-click (or right-click->Modify) And change location any valid folder or partition.


  • close regedit then restart your computer for the change to take effect

Note: Before editing the system registry, make a backup of these (click on File in the upper left corner and select Export) to ensure that you will not suffer the consequences of any errors.

*Valid for all versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

How to change the location where you install the Default Windows

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