How to recover mspaint.exe in Windows XP

MSPaint needs no introduction. Even the most inexperienced user contacts the PaintSite since the first interaction with computer. As for usability, it rocks! The handy editor for some retouching unassuming (he's picture, text or other nonsense).

But there are often cases when, from excess of zeal or accident, or even ignorance (what does this button do?) instead we find ourselves as we MSPaint "ms-ghost-paint ". And in such cases, is it that you miss him? : P

To recover MSPaint 3 have at hand simple solutions, two of them depending on things adjacent: Another PC or Windows XP installation CD.

1. if you have XP installation CD, remember his name the friend who (still) using Windows XP. Get / borrow a memory stick (Or buy a CD / DVD) and give flight to friend (or to the next: P) and copy mspaint.exe of % System% / Windows / system32 it (where% system% is the drive where you installed the system). Then replace it with this one that ran away. Make a shortcut in Accessories or desktopAnd ready.

2. if you have the installation CD Windows XP is much better, because not depend on friends :). Insert the CD into CD-ROM and then go to Control Panel-> Add or Remove Programs-> Add / Remove Windows Components->Double-click on Accessories and Utilities->Double-click on Accessories-> Check Paint-> OK-> NextThen you need to restart ... and remove the installation CD. After restart mspaint will be in place.

3. The simplest solution for those without friends XP without XP installation CD (or without friends XP installation CD: P) or, especially, for those lazy / lazy / etc. is to mspaint.exe download from the internet (Make sure that publishers to be reliable, otherwise you have to Reinstall or to have some other unpleasant consequences leading to the first version) and then copy it into% system% / Windows / system32. Simple, no? :)

A, there was something ... :P

How to recover mspaint.exe in Windows XP

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