How relocated installed applications to free up space on the primary partition

One of the reasons primary partition (Ie that which is installed WinXP) Should occupy at least 50GB on Hard Drive is that we never know what - and especially how many - applications / programs We will install the system, and how space-bar will occupy them. Many Windows users have "problems" with the lack of space on the primary partition ("problems" that lead to unable to install other programs only under conditions in which some of the existing are removed or decrease system performance), Which is why they have to give up various programs installed on your computer or repartition hard drive (With the risk that the data on it to be affected by the repartitioning) or - in some cases - even to reinstall the system. But not simpler if they move some of the applications installed on other partitionsSo elibarand much needed space?

Certainly most Windows users already know that if an application installed on a partition is moved to another with Copy / Paste, That application will not be executed (the "guilt" are registry si application processes will not recognize the new folder or new partition on which it was moved, but will "point" all to the old location). But with Steam Mover, Moving to another partition applications installed on primary partition can be done without any problem, and those applications will continue to function.

Steam Mover is a application little that does not require installation, Originally created to help gamers to move their hardcore games (usually games steam) Stored / installed on the primary partition to another partition (obviously to make room for other games), but later it was discovered that works as well for the types of applications.

How does Steam Mover?

It is important that application to be run with administrator privilegesSo that it can change Source Path for applications that relocating (this is the dirty little secret behind Steam Mover, due to which applications work after relocation to another partition).

Sub Common Steam Apps folderSelect the folder in which you installed the application you wish to relocate (or applications that you want to relocate, if a suiteBut attention! it is not Program FilesBut the application folder itself, for example, if you want to move Adobe Photoshop, You select the folder Adobe), Then under Alternative FolderSelect the folder you want to move those applications.


On the right side of the window will appear list of installed applications in that folder (in most cases can be just one application). Select the applications that you want to move and click the arrow button to the right the bottom of the window.


This will open a Command Prompt which commands xcopy, rd, and mklink eloca to selected applications.


If you ever want to move again in applications initial locationA very simple you can do by clicking on left arrow button.



The application is compatible with all Windows versions 7 most likely compatible with all versions of Windows Vista, and Windows XP is not compatible with all versions.

Since relocating applications involve moving a large number of files, it is possible that errors occur during the process (Even though for us it worked perfectly, if you decide to use Steam Mover you take the).

Not supported than NTFS formatted partitions (Does not work for FAT32).

The application can relocate only complete folders, not individual files; For this reason most likely will not be of any help if very large files such as those . Gcf (Counter-Strike)

How relocated installed applications to free up space on the primary partition

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