How to change fonts in Android

Compared to iOS si Windows Phone, Android gives users much more customization optionsThese include not only themes, applications si widgetsBut also the ability to change fonts.

Smartphone Users Samsung Galaxy have the ability to change the font accessing operating system Settings> Display> Font Style.

display settings font-style

But other Android users, Which does not have a Galaxy device (So ​​you have the option to change the font included in Phone Settings) May use the various applications, Available at Google PlayIn order to do so (for some of them, it is necessary to have phone root access to files).

1. Font Installer is a Free Android application which allows users to choose from hundreds of custom fonts available. It is necessary to use rootarea smartphoneAnd recommended the creation of a backup before modifying fonts, considering that this involves modifying system files.

Font Installer Font-Installer1

Download Font Installer (via Google Play).

2. Type Fresh also requires access to system files to modify fonts. A big plus for this application is the possibility to backup quick and easy original fontsTo be restored when needed. The application is free and is compatible with versions Android 1.6 +.

TypeFresh TypeFresh1

Download Type Fresh (via Google Play).

3. iFont provides support for changing fonts Samsung, HTC, Sony si Motorola. In addition, a automatic backup the original fonts that users can restore them at any time without too much trouble. iFont is available both in free versionAnd in paid version (Donated).

iFont iFont1

Download iFont (via Google Play).

Users of devices Samsung Galaxy can buy (or install available free fonts) Through FlipFont, Integrated application System settings thereof. Those interested can choose from hundreds of fonts available in Play Store. Enjoy!

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to change fonts in Android

How to change fonts in Android

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