How to rob a bank by internet

It is a question that bothers me for me, but is the result of novel thought troubled by insomnia. Novel not think how it could find work and where to give the sweep to earn an honest buck. He thinks he has a computer on his desk, but has no money to pay bills and internet rates.

A final result on look at what makes omu ' 01: 40 AM.

1. Thursday, 09.10.2008 01: 47: 17 - - "you make me become hacker"- I do like sleep, maybe you dream largest internet hacker.

2. Thursday, 09.10.2008 01: 46: 17 - - "how to rob a bank by internet"- Follow the tutorial below.

Bank ^ ^; ;)

If you decided to rob a bank and give great blow, nothing easier. You can earn a lot of money in just seconds. Grab a cup, a hammer or a body harder, and hitting in the picture above. Success!

How to rob a bank by internet

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