How to break a Yahoo! password?

A simple method by which You can lose your password Yahoo! Account trying to find anyone else's, is to chicken botu` the indications "hackers" who claim they know how muddle servers Yahoo!.

I found "Moderate comments"The post"", a comenatariu of a "hacker" which sounds like this:

Name: hacker | E-mail: [email protected] | IP:

Here you can learn to crack the password with friends / boyfriend to see if your cheating or simply want to read the emails.
This is the best way to hack Yahoo accounts! .pot Use your e-mail.Ce to do:
At first, compose a new message. Write the heading "To:" this e-mail [email protected] On topic, type "User + password". To content, type in the first line in your e-mail (ex: [email protected] ). In one of the 3 the line, type your password (Eg 12345678). Attention must be real password. In one of the 5 the line, write the address of the person from whom you want to take password (ex: [email protected] ).

Here is an example about how it should look like e-mail:

TO: [email protected]
SUBJECT: User + Password
[email protected]


[email protected]

This method works by zapacii server,its creating great confusion. He thinks you're an honorary member or administrator Yahoo! and sends you a message after a few seconds that contains user: password of the victim and is eg password 43210 mail: [email protected] Simple, right ?. It's hard to get used to this method. . This is the best method of confusion server. There are other possibilities, but they do not work.
100% tested and functional

The above is a method of deception of Yahoo! users. The reason is simple. You send the ID and password from Yahoo! account and Hacker they leave you. Such methods are put in .txt files or .doc la share pe DC ++ / ODC names like "How to break a password Yahoo!" or "The easiest way to find a password for Yahoo!"

Health your account Ignore these methods. Never divulge your account password to another person. Even if it pretends to be official Yahoo! Inc. .

* In the text of the comment I changed the e-mail address of the "hacker" with [email protected] .

How to break a Yahoo! password?

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