How to quit smoking or how not bother non-smokers?

In the last week, my fate was sealed smoker. If not quit smoking there is only one option. I'll sleep on the press from entering the house or building ... the scale. (Ah. were two versions: D)

I tried several times to quit smoking (smoke of 10 years), but the greatest achievement was a few years ago, when I was cold. I put on my lips cigarette 24 hours after we smoked enough to recover from the rest. Currently ... I got my mind the idea that one day I can not quit.

For a smoker, besides health problems that can be caused by harmful smoke, there is a problem. Failure to smoke in certain locations and / or in the presence of people is a very stressful thing for a smoker. I remember years ago I was 2-3 a large plant in Barlad in which smoking was prohibited. More than 4 hours had to lie and imagine that if you stick a pen in his mouth smoke. :)

For those who want to smoke in places where smoking is prohibited, or in the presence of persons can not stand cigarette smokeThere is an alternative. Electronic Cigarette. This cigarette has a rechargeable battery (battery 3.6V) and uses a Refillable Cartridge de water + nicotine. The great advantage of this cigarette is that does not emit toxic fumes and not bother anyone around him who uses it.


For price $ 79.95 You can also purchase an electronic cigarette. Kit (Cigarette Starter Kit) contains: 2 rechargeable lithium batteries, a charger, cigarette + two nicotine cartridges (1 cartridge is equivalent to two packs of cigarettes).


Details can be found on the cigarette manufacturer's website:

Santa comes? , ;)

How to quit smoking or how not bother non-smokers?

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