How to keep your laptop (notebook) safe while traveling.

Laptophas become a triviality but for many it is still a fictitious object. It doesn't matter that he doesn't need it for meetings, vacations or other trips, the laptop must be present. Of course, the configuration of the laptop should be the last fuss. For Y! Messenger and the Internet Explorer 256 RAM on a P3 would be enough. Damn. Finally.
During a trip laptop can suffer various damage that could endanger the stored data and functinalitatea system. In bad cases could be lost or stealing. Some tips to protect your laptop when traveling, which I hope will be helpful. Laptop / Notebook Toshiba Satellite x200

-> First, before departure, consider if the laptop is a must. If you go on a vacation and you do not really need it, enjoy free time to the fullest. Feels good laptop at home. He does not need sun, sand, water, snow and eyes thieves. Other accidents during transport are likely. Important data can be transported units cheaper and less demanding. USB Stick, CD, DVD. Go to a location that has a computer connected to the Internet? Another reason to leave your laptop at home. Store data that you need a FTP or in an address e-mail.

-> Special backpack for laptop. Before I put the backpack particular laptop should be Closed si detached battery. When traveling, a laptop is not on how to make ventilation and this can cause considerable damage to the system. Special bag you can buy at most computer stores. This backpack is equipped with systems protection against moisture, heat excessive and damping shocks. Before buying a backpack make sure it has enough compartments for all auxiliaries laptop (battery, external hard drive, headphones, microfoam * mobile phone, router, etc.).

-> Safety during transport. The holes in the RO, not advise you to leave your laptop in the car trunk during movement, even if it is a anti-shock backpack. Damage laptop will not be covered by auto insurance policy. Do not leave your laptop in the car (especially sight) when stopped in filling stations or lower when buying something from a store / supermarket. As a "souvenir" true for thieves. Instead for the luggage of train or coach, Make sure that the laptop bag that is not put a heavy bag to squeeze it. Try your best to keep your next laptop Thus avoid loss or theft.

-> Keep the invoice and purchase documents / identification laptop. In case of loss or theft must provide proof (make, model, series, invoice, etc.) that the laptop is yours, so you can begin a legal action to recover.

-> Keep a backup copy of data on laptop (Saint backup). During the trip, even if safety measures are taken, it is possible to have unforeseen factors that might endanger the data stored on the laptop. Theft, loss, use in inappropriate conditions can lead to a disaster for those who stored important data. Before the trip, is shown a copy of your data. Backup options are many. You can use a HDD External to stay home or office, DVD-hate, CDSites or even a PC desktop.

-> Data encryption. In case your laptop reaches unauthorized hands, keep the hard drive encrypted. The laptops that come with Windows Vista Enterprize or Ultimate are equipped with the system BitLocker encryption. If you use a different version of Windows, you can find an open source encryption solution. TrueCrypt is a safe and affordable option for everyone.

-> BIOS password. Operating System (OS) Vista and XP are equipped with a safety level OS user, but the system can be switched easily by people who have minimal knowledge of hack windows. For this reason it is advisable to BIOS-level password protect laptop. BIOS, by all accounts, is a basic (vital) system of a laptop / pc. The BIOS offers a password option, so if your laptop is stolen or lost, it can't be opened without the password you set. Choose a strong password (like:%[Email protected]# @ 344nN ^) and try not to forget it. You could fall victim to your own security system. :-)

These are just some tips to protect your laptop displacement during holidays, vacations or business meetings. Note that despite the status of equipment design and portable laptop is a very demanding and you have to keep in mind several conditions of transport and use.

If you want to bring additions to this post, you can do it in comments. Thanks :)

How to keep your laptop (notebook) safe while traveling.

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