How to Transfer / receive emails in Gmail Yahoo! (Import Yahoo !, Hotmail, AOL & POP3 in Gmail)

A simple option for those who want to give up account Yahoo! MailOr for those who find it easier to read emails in gmail than in Yahoo!.
Option Accounts and Import Gmail allows us to receive and us transferring on account of Gmail messages from other mail accounts. The income per,,, or mail server POP3Can be transferred to your Gmail account. Both old messages and those that will be received.

Here are the steps to be followed to make this import messages.

1. Log on to your account gmail, then click on the link Settings (Top right corner)


2. Arrived in "Settings"Account and click Import, and then click the button"Import mail and contacts".

Import mail and contacts

3. In the window that opens, enter the address of the email account from which you want to import the messages and contacts. Click "Continue".

import other email accounts

4. Enter account password of which the import is to be done. If the above Yahoo account password. Click "Continue".

5. After introceti password you can select what you want to import. You can choose to import only emails to be received 30 these days, contacts or messages.

yahoo mail

Click on "Start import".

The import process can take from several minutes to several tens of hours. Even two days as we tell people to Google.

Your messages is being Imported.

It may take Several hours (sometimes up to 2 days) before you start to see Imported messages.

You can close this window and keep using Gmail or even log out and close your browser - we'll continue importing your mail and / or contacts in the background. To check the status of your import, look under Settings > Accounts and Import.

Using this method you can have an option that is offered only Yahoo! Mail Plus customers. The option to download the Microsoft Outlook messages in Yahoo! Mail. It is enough to set up your Gmail account in OutlookAnd messages that will be imported from Yahoo!, it will download automatically.

How to Transfer / receive emails in Gmail Yahoo! (Import Yahoo !, Hotmail, AOL & POP3 in Gmail)

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