How to change the color and size of the text cursor in Windows 10

As soon as it is released updatethe CPC Windows 10 from May 2020, users will have new interesting features. About "Optional Update"I wrote in a previous article. Option by which users can choose to install or not certain updates to hardware drivers.

Another novelty of the future update, it allows users to change the color and size of the text cursor. So it's not about the "mouse cursor" (arrow), but about the vertical cursor that appears when you write or edit a text in Notepad, Word or in any other text field.

Once the option is activated "use text cursor indicator", you will have a new text cursor, which at first glance will seem at least strange. You can choose one of the preset colors (purple, green, yellow, magenta, etc...) or you can choose a custom color. To make it even more visible, you can enlarge it enough for it to be visiblemodeze when you type a text.

To be even more dramatic, you can set a larger width for the cursor. Basically at some point you will have characters in the text that will overlap. I don't know why anyone would want to use this option, but it will exist in the next version of Windows 10.

In addition to these news, in the next version of Windows 10 there are many more, which we will present in future articles.

Currently, these news are available to those who have already installed the new version of Windows 10 by Windows Insider Program.

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