How to change the login screen background image in Windows Vista & Windows XP.

We are always looking for change and get bored every day to see the same image in front. At least when it comes to computer ...

In two months ago to present a small application that will help you customize image background a logon screen. .
7 not only Windows users can change the background image of the login screen. For ustilizatorii operating systems Windows Vista and Windows XP, the best way to change the logon screen is LogonStudio. An application as small and simple as the Windows 7, which allows the personalities login screen on Windows Vista and Windows XP.

This is how default logon screen in Windows XP.

Windows XP logon screen shreenshot

The login screen appears on startup only if you have a user system with password protection.

application LogonStudio help to change the default image of XP.

Here's a custom logon screen with this application Customisation the XP & Vista.

custom logon screen Windows XP

The image above is provided by LogonStudio package chosen, but of course you can select any image from your computer All you have to do is download the application and install it. Very simple to install and can be used by users who do not have much knowledge of computers.

download LogonScreen Studio for XP.

download LogonScreen Studio Vista.

Change Logon Screen background image in Windows Vista & Windows XP.


How to change the login screen background image in Windows Vista & Windows XP.

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