How to change the keyboard language (keyboard layout) from the operating system [Windows 10 si Mac]

We can consider this tutorial as a presentation of the previous article in which I said about the types of keyboards depending on the layoutgenerals QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY and about the differences of these key arrangements depending on the language of each country.

Read: What does it mean "keyboard layout ”and how do we choose the keyboard according to the language?

A few years ago I bought a laptop MacBook Pro from France, who of course came with keyboard in format AZERTY, I am from a country in Eastern Europe where the format of the key layout is QWERTY International US or Romanian Standard QWERTY (with diacritics).

To get an idea, for many years I wrote digitally on a keyboard whose format looks like this:


… And I woke up in front of me with a MacBook Pro on whose keyboard I could not even write my name if I looked at her. I mean so


As you can see from the pictures above, the differences between the keyboards QWERTY s AZERTY they are quite large. A regular user of one of the two systems would find it very difficult to handle the other. In addition to the fact that the positions of some letters are physically changed on the keyboard, punctuation marks, key combinations for symbols and macwould the numbers.

Fortunately, for a user who can write without looking at the keys, the layout of a Keyboards can be changed from the operating system. The user can choose both the international layout and the one specific to a language. Even if the inscriptions on the keys will no longer match, they will be where he learned and will follow the actions of the set layout.

How we change keyboard keyboard layout and language layout on Mac (macOS)

This is the first thing I did after I bought one MacBook Pro with physical keyboard in French.

1. Go to “System Preferences"The"Keyboard".

Keyboard in Ssystem Preferences

2. In the keyboard settings go to "Input Sources, Then click on the “+” sign at the bottom left.

Input Sources

3. In the box that opens select the new language layout that you want to install and activate for the keyboard, then click on "Add".

Select keyboard language

As can be seen in the image above, Apple it also offers us a virtual preview of the layout to be activated. This way we can see what the new key arrangement is.

4. After clicking on the buttonAdd", The language selected by us will be installed next to the existing one.

5. With the option checked “Show Input menu in menu bar", We can quickly change the language layout directly from the" Menu Bar ". “ABC"Or"Romanian" in my case.

This layout of the operating system will ignore the letters and characters inscribed on the physical keyboard and will respect the standard set by the user.

How to disable / uninstall a keyboard language layout on macOS?

Disable a language layout on macOS it is at least as simple as the activation process. All we have to do is go to "System Preferences”→“Keyboard”→“Input Sources", Select the language we want to remove, then click on the" - "sign at the bottom left.

A floury option on Mac is the automatic change of the language layout for the keyboard depending on the documents we open. The keyboard language can be specially adapted for documents and some text editing applications.
The option "Automatically switch to a document's input source”Does this if it is activated.

How to install a new keyboard language and how to change the keyboard language on Windows 10?

Pe Windows 10 it may seem a little more complicated than on Mac, but if you follow the following steps carefully, you will be able to easily change the keyboard language layout on Windows.
I need to specify that this tutorial is done on Windows 10 Build 21390 co_release, a version beta which are some differences from the current final version of Windows 10 for the public.

1. Go to “Windows Settings", Then at"Time & Language".

2. On the left we go to "Languages", where we find all the language settings of Windows 10. From here we can change the language of the operating system Windows 10, language for applications and web pages, the language in which to dictate vocally and that for the keyboard.
Under "Preferred language"We click on"Add a language ”.

3. In the box that opens, a list will appear with all the language layouts available for installation, and next to them icons that indicate for which components each is available. “Display language","Text-to-speech","speech recognition","Handwriting".
We use the search bar to find the language that interests us to install it for the keyboard, then select it and click on "Next".

4. In the next screen we have to be a little careful. We have to select what exactly we are interested in installing from the language pack. I mean from here we can install a new one "Language Pack”For the entire operating system interface Windows 10. If we're only interested in keyboard language, the other options can be unchecked. We are only interested in "Basic typing".

Click "Install”And the new language will be available for the keyboard. Language Keyboard Layout.

We can choose to leave both language layouts for the keyboard active and use them as we need. Din systray / taskbar we can change at any time from EN / US Layout to Romanian Layout or vice versa.

Select Keyboard Language Layout

Uninstalling a keyboard language layout on Windows 10, is done following the steps above, with the difference that you will click on "Remove" on the already installed language.

As for me, I went a little further with the French keyboard on MacBook Pro which I was talking about at the beginning of the article.
I physically changed the position of a few keys to give it a picture QWERTY INT US.

However, I do not advise you to do this unless you know very well how to change the physical keys of a laptop.
Depending on the keyboard model and technology, the button clamping system may differ from model to model, and if you don't know how, it's not a long way to break the clamping system.

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