How to make DC ++

Perhaps some of you will watch this post with amusement, but I still have knowledge that every time you install a sharing client such as StrongDC, ODC or DC ++, ask me to explain that Basic settings to be accepted by Hubs. For such knowledge (: P) but also to other users that have no idea what to do when installed for the first time (Or second, or third ... or tenth ...) such sharing client, I will explain further minimum settings for StrongDC + +Version 2.21.

First you need to discover where the icon Settings (Difficult, M., really: D), the icon that looks like (its position differs according to clients sharing and versions):


Once you have found where you can make settings, choose a nickname (In front of the place, between square brackets, country (For those who use foreign hubs) and internet network to which you are connected, eg [RO] [RDS] nickname).


After you have chosen your nickname, choose folders you want to be stored downloaded files by you and set a minimum upload slots for (This is one Conditions can connect to the hubs, besides Minimum size of total (in GB) Files that you share look, the minimum number of slots for upload varies from hub to hub). Then select the folders and files you want to shares look.

download_directories upload_slots sharing

After you have made these settings, you can choose to connect the public hubs (Double click on it), or add hubs that want to connect automatic in Favorite.

public_hubs favorite_hubs

Note: These settings are recommended for users ODC or DC ++.

How to make DC ++

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