How to set up a Gmail account on Opera. [Mail / Browser]

Although not the most popular Internet browser, Opera enjoyed by many fans. It is the safest Internet browser in Chapter securityAnd the features, without taking into account add-ons si pluginsExceeds Mozilla Firefox.
Besides the possibility of keeping a small notes, To watch RSS feeds, chat (IRC) NewsgroupOpera has integrated a system of e-mail allowing connection POP at a mail server. Basically you can use Opera instead of Office Outlook.

The operator can set all the e-mail that allow connection POP3. We stop at Gmail (perhaps the most widely used email service) and try to see how can we set the Gmail account on OperaSo that we can receive si send messages via e-mail.

1. Go to the Opera bar service -> Tools -> Mail and Chat Accounts ... & Yes (if you are not a set).


2. In New Account Wizard, Select E-mail, then click the Next button.


3. After pressing button "Next" you must enter your name and full email address. At the "Organization" is not necessarily complete. Next.


4. Go to your Gmail account -> Settings -> Tab Forwarding and POP / IMAP -> Algete an option activation POP and action when messages are accessed with POP. It is preferable that messages remain Archived in the Gmail account. Click on the image below:

step-4Click on the button below: Save the changes.

5. Return the settings to Opera and continue from step 3. Enter your e-mail address, password, tick the right Regular e-mail (POP) then press Finish.
Gmail account has been set.


By default, messages sent from Opera will have a signature advertise browser with Opera Mail service. :

Using Opera's revolutionary e-mail client:

To change the signature on outgoing messages Opera, go to Tools -> Mail and Chat Accounts -> select address for which you want to change the signature, and press "Edit".

operational manage-accounts

Go to the tab "Outgoing"And edit signature (Signature) You then press OK.

signature operator

If you read this tutorial to the end and you have not got to make settings, you should start with point 4. Order: 4, 1, 2, 3, 5 ...

Thank understand my laziness to replace points in tutorial :)

How to set up a Gmail account on Opera. [Mail / Browser]

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