How establish SSH connection to a virtual server (CentOS) installed on VirtualBox.

After seeing how to install pe () A try to see how we can connect with (via putty) Virtual system.

How can we connect via SSH to CENTSOS 5.6 / 6 (SERVER VIRTUAL) installed on VirtualBox.

1. First of all you have to do settings networking on VirtualBox. Before starting system CentOS, Select it and make click on the button "Settings"In VirtualBox. Going to"Monetize through partnering networks"And in the tab"1 Adapter"Select"bridged Adapter".

bridged Adapter

2. Start the operating system and open the terminal. Dam command "setup"'ll Go to Network Configuration.

Network Configuration

In "Network Configuration"Open"Edit Devices".

Edit Devices

Normally, in the list of devices only eth0 should appear.

etho - DHCP

Using a connection to RDS (pppoe) Through a router eth0 it is best to let the connection through DHCP.


3. In "Network Configuration">"Edit Devices"Select"New Device".

New Device

Ethernet & Add


4. The new device set the following:

eth0 Settings

"static IP"IP is that we connect via SSH to virtual server. "Default IP gateway"Will be IP router (in our case. It may differ. ipconfog / all in to see which is your ip)

OK> Save> Save & Quit> Quit.

5. go to / Etc / sysconfig / network-scripts / and edit the new file: ifcfg-eth0: 0

Command in Terminal:

dwarf / Etc / sysconfig / network-scripts / ifcfg-eth0: 0

In eth0: 0 'll find lines 4 your settings to point to which we add the line:



Ctrl+ X> Y & Enter to save the changes.

6. Restart network.

/ Etc / init.d / network restart


service network restart

CentOS network restart

After you receive confirmation that all device networking sites work ok, go on our operating system (, or ) And open PuTTY. At the Host Name (or IP address) get static IP set point 4 and open session.

Putty VirtualBox CentOS

We can now manage virtual server from any computer on the . You can use the , ftp serverEtc ...

Pornid services (service httpd start) We can also access the web interface, type in the address bar of your browser.

Connect to VirtualBox CentOS via SSH - Settings & Configuration.

The tutorial was made on Windows 7 Ultimate (basic system), VirtualBox, CentOS 5.6 - Server & Hosting & Desktop Gnome (installed on VirtualBox), wireless LAN connection, SMC router, connection RDS PPPoE.

How establish SSH connection to a virtual server (CentOS) installed on VirtualBox.

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