How to see if your computer is compatible with Windows 11

On June 24, Microsoft officially unveiled the future operating system Windows 11 about which we also mentioned in the previous articles and which will be available to the public towards the end of 2021.

Windows 11 retains almost all the functionality and security features of Windows 10, but comes with a more attractive design And with a new graphical interface for user (UI), being focused as if a little more on productivity. In addition, new tools and utilities will appear, which we started talking about in the previous articles.

If you have a decent computer or laptop that you run without problems Windows 10, then most likely you won't need to buy a new one to be able to install it Windows 11.

Windows 11 seems to have system requirements (System Requirements) enough modeyes, we still have to take into consideration that minimum recommended hardware will not be helpful when run applications on Windows 11.

Windows 11 System Requirements

According to Microsoft, so that we can install it on a computer Windows 11 we need:

  • Processor with frequency of 1 GHz minimumwith at least two cores (Dual Core) able to support 64-bit architectureor SoC chip.
  • RAM de 4 GB minimum.
  • Storage space on the hard drive or SSD of 64 GB minimum. (note that it requires more space than Windows 10.
  • firmware UEFI si Secure Boot (these are capabilities that we find in the BIOS)
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 - option that we also find in the BIOS.
  • Integrated video card (graphics card) or dedicated DirectX 12 compatible (or newer) and driver WDDM 2.0.
  • HD display with minimum resolution 720p and 8-inch diagonal.

Internet connection is required to be able to run Windows Setup for Windows 11 Home. In other versions of Windows 11 is only required for updates (Windows Update) and some features where you will need a Microsoft account.

in terms of system requirements (System Requirements) / firmware Secure Boot si TPM but by Windows 11, I found a solution that I hope will be functional when the final version is released, for the public.

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I need to buy a new computer or laptop for Windows 11?

We would be tempted to say that most computers and laptops are now in use are compatible with Windows 11, but it's not really like that. Modelaptops and computers now on the shelves of physical stores and online stores are mostly compatible with Windows 11. However, I am also an expert

The biggest incompatibility issue will be RAM. While for Windows 10 1 GB of RAM was enough, for Windows 11 you have to upgrade to at least 4 GB of RAM. By the way Windows 11 no longer supports processor with 32-bit architecture.

If the Windows 10, the Secure Boot and TPM features were only needed when we wanted to use BitLocker, Windows 11 it cannot be installed without them. At least theoretically.

Free storage space will be a problem especially for computers and laptops with SSDs modethis. Windows 10 64-bit needs at least 20 GB free for installation. We see that Windows 11 ask for more than three times more. 64 GB represents a quarter of the capacity of an SSD modest of 256 GB.

How can we check if our PC is compatible with Windows 11

Microsoft has launched a utility that once run, find out if your computer or laptop is compatible with Windows 11.

Check for Windows 11 Compatibility

According to Microsoft, users who have a license for Windows 10, once the compatibility for Windows 11, they will have Free upgrade when the new operating system will be launched. so we will not need to buy a new license for Windows 11, if we already have one for Windows 10. And especially if it is associated with the Microsoft account.

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