Customize Windows Tweaker 7 with My Computer

For inexperienced users of Windows 7Who wish to customize the operating system After preferences, but rather not modify the registry manually and system files of not to support any unpleasant consequences, the easiest is to use third-party applications to apply tweak sites required system.

One such application is the My Computer Tweaker, Application free si portable (No installation required), with which users can customize 7 Windows operating system without applying manual tweaks in Group Policy Editor or registry system. Tweak sites are divided into several categories, Such as Desktop and taskbar, System, Security, Visual Effects, media Center etc., so users are not confused when they want to amend certain aspects of Windows (Whether it be performance of security or bridal look).


Changes made in registry system can be quite dangerous for users who are not familiar with them, and often, when they are done correctly, leading to Application errors installed, or system errors. My Computer Tweaker allows users to make these changes safely, and also provides the option to restore the registry to default values if the change is not expected effect of users, all without having to manually change files and / or registry system.

Each category contains a large number of tweaksThat allows customization of elements related to desktop or taskbar, Windows Explorer, shortcuts, context Menu, visual effects, Internet Explorer, security or system settings.

To apply these tweaks, just the ones you select them, then click on the Apply the bottom of the window. Then you have to confirm changes before it takes place, and also you can create a restore point the event that errors will occur.


While some customization will be applied immediately, Others will require a restart the system to take effect.

Download My Computer Tweaker.

Credit: KeybrdCowboy @ deviantart

Note: Compatible with Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Customize Windows Tweaker 7 using My Computer

Customize Windows Tweaker 7 with My Computer

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