Customize Windows Logon with Logon Background Changer 7

One of the biggest advantage-ri of New Windows was (and still is for most of its users) design. No one can deny that, besides proved to be a Secure and stable OS, is the most handsome OS brand microsoft, His clothes are simple and elegant. But although the system is still new, we can not say the same thing about his look: a new coat remains new few days :)

Logon Background Changer is a small application that allows you to customize the background Windows LogonUsing any image you want as long as it is less than 250kb.


So if you are among those who tend to change their look regularly supplied system, this application can be helpful. In addition, it is very simple to use and does not require installation.


Download Logon Background Changer.


Please note: If you want to return to the initial display (or original) of your Windows Logon background, you can do using the same applications, the option Restore.

Customize Windows Logon with Logon Background Changer 7

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