The 1 April ...

I know ... I'm a billionaire in $ $. Joke has some truth. It is true that a few years ago I was a member LAN flesh. For several years I retired (at the time I say) and now I have other concerns more orthodox. Okay. I did not mind at all farce and even smiled. Much stronger than pranks @ Rompraz I think I'm reactions on his website .

For example, a review of Zoso's blog:


  • nicola irina wrote:
    April 1 2007 to 1: 41 pm

    bahh nenorocitzilor will sue for that thing to die yo ..... you draq of nenorocitzi dak will not sue ... for the article published with my name nenorocitzi idiotzi will sue you ..... you draq suntetzi you to Fitz will fleas cehstia money for it .... will take draq retardatziui draq of draq ..... I can not wait to Fitz to take money from your

Yep. Not all people enjoy these jokes and not all persons who access the url of the know that guy is a link in nonexistent.

PS. Now comes the . Not sound like desperate! : D

The 1 April ...

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