Why eat a dog?

Re: sign the pro (s) test!

"Corgi dog was "Served" after he died a kennel for raising this breed, the artist saying that tasted "very, very nasty".

"Surely you believe this gesture too shocking and distasteful, but I decided to do it to draw attention to the inability of the Royal Society for the Prevention of cruelty to animals to take action against Prince Phillip and his friends who fired rifle on a fox earlier this year and then wounded animal left to agonize for more than five minutes after killed by giving him the coup de grace ".

.... that I wanted to go to dinner. CMS. disgusting forms of protest have some. I do not understand though .. why not eat a fox? From what I understand from the article on antena3, that uncle who protested against eating dog "Violent death" of a fox during a hunting ... He wanted to touch Queen? mda.

Read the entire article - antena3.ro

Why eat a dog?

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