Why Windows 7?

Or more precisely, what recommends new .

(Initially this post had to fit some of the pluses Windows 7, but in the end we chose to express our subjective opinion on this operating system.)

It may seem a little strange that since it was launched by Microsoft public version Windows 7 Beta, Of us have heard almost nothing but good about this operating system. I made a bigger gallery than for favorite football teams (although the football not kill who knows what: D). Do not close our eyes Win7 problemsBut comparable to the They are only "kindergarten". And Microsoft made the best move when called upon feedbackThe users.

Many of you who still use Perhaps you will say that so far this is the only operating system profitable Microsoft. Indeed, 7 years made law market (if I may so express) operating systems. In addition, excellent work skinny configurations. But technology advances. What we now call setup lean years ago mean PC performance. And you can not deny that XP has his sores. And yet enough.

Windows 7 really does require a slightly healthier configuration (comparable to the one required by XP), but it does not have very high demands if we are to evaluate the PCs and art notebook. In addition to XP, presents a that it lacked (and has been felt acutely the lack of), and the design is flawless. Functionality receives (from us, at least) a note 9 with + (plus), although we are sure that it can be better (avoid comparison with Vista objective reasons - such as the majority's conclusion that Windows 7 is what Vista failed to beAlthough he tried - and subjective - that although currently use Beta, I gave up Vista in favor. And not regret).

For those who have already tried Windows 7 makes sense of what I mean above. For XP's nostalgic add that if I lose nothing 7's a chance. And, like them, there are nostalgic Windows 95. :)

Why Windows 7?

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