Blocked Unblock Windows files and folders with File Governor

Sometimes when we want to delete, to edit or to rename un file or folder from WindowsHappen to be greeted by a error message which warns that action could not be performed because the file is used by another program.


Most times option try Again not give any result, the only solution being to identify program / process / service which locks that folder / file (Sometimes the only solution is rebootAnd there are times when even this does not prove to be a valid solution). But it would be much simpler if we use a third-party software can solve automatic for us problem of blocked files or folders in WindowsSuch as e.g. File Governor.

File Governor is a free application with which Windows users can identify and unlock files and folders locked in the system to make it possible to edit or delete them.

How does File Governor?

application scans blocked files or folders (they must added manually user) and lists all programs or processes using the files / folders in question. Then users have three options to unlock: Kill Process (Which forces termination processes locking the files / folders) Unlock si Unlock All (This download dll files used to restore access to locked files or folders).


For more options, such as accessing location of the file / folder locked or opening properties it, right click on any of the lines listed after file scanning.

Governor File Download for Windows.

Note: File Governor is available both as a portable version and as an installer. Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows and Windows 7 8 / 8.1.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Unlock locked files or folders in Windows File with Governor

Blocked Unblock Windows files and folders with File Governor

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