Unlock multiple files simultaneously on macOS - Unlock Multiple Files macOS

Block files and folders it is especially useful in a scenario where multiple users are present on a macOS operating system. The "locked" mode for files and folders is designed to prevent editing / editing of sensitive files.
This is a special "permission", somewhat similar to "Read Only" from Windows, but it is much better developed in terms of security.

In case we are the sole user of a Mac, lock files not much is profitable, and when a folder are many files blocked, Taken from other devices become less stressful.

The simplest method to unlock a file is to right-click on it, "Get Info", and from the file properties box, to unchecked "Locked".

when we meet more files blockedThat are located in multiple folders, unlock every file separately would take us a long time and would be tedious. In this scenario we will use a command line in Terminal, which eliminate the lock on all files and folders locked.

How to unlock multiple files and folders simultaneously on macOS - Unlock multiple files and folders in macOS

Open the Terminal and we sail with “cd”To the folder that contains files blocked.

In our scenario, we have a folder where there are .jpg files (pictures) blocked. Locked.

Terminal Navigate to the location on the hard file and execute the command:

chflags -R nouchg *

This means that all files (*) in the current folder and its subfolders (-R - recursive) will be unlocked.

You can unlock files from a location without navigating to the folder where the files are located. The condition is to know the exact path of the files. For example, if you want to unlock all files and folders under the "Documents" folder (macOS system folder), the command line will be executed will be:

chflags -R nouchg ~/Documents

Devices “Enter”/“ Return ”for command line execution.

Unlock multiple files simultaneously on macOS - Unlock Multiple Files macOS

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