- September 2009 - Down for some users

Not sure which is the reason that most popular torrent portal can not be accessible from certain locations world, especially Romania. (From what I understand and France is in the same situation). Not sure if administrators au restricted access some ISPs portal. The fact is that the there was no announcement in this regard, and It can be accessed from RDS & RCS and from other providers Internet from Romania. Who accesses the portal RDS, apparently it is "down". It appears only a simple white page (White page) that makes you think that portal has a problem.
If you change IPThe output (proxy for example.) will see that is very active. - September 2009 - September 2009

There's a difference, right?
RSSSites are proof that is down: ... etc.

I tested to see if we can access the portal on Orange, and I found I had no problem. It seems that the problem is somewhere in or RDS (in our case).
Tomorrow I give a call to "Customer Service" RDS & RCS to require some explanation.

Hope portal blocking torrents has not been in policy practiced by RDS. Such a serious censor which would violate Internet freedom.

I'll be back with updates to this post.

. - September 2009 - Down for some users

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