Download and install the free Windows 8.1 Enterprise (90 day trial)

With launching the final version of Windows 8.1, microsoft launched a 90 days trial version (Three months) 8.1 Windows Enterprise, Available free all users.

Trial version of Windows 8.1 RTM Enterprise not require license code to be installed, and after the trial period expires, background desktop will become black in the upper right corner of desktop will be shown a watermark will indicate that the system is not genuine and computer will reboot each 60 minutes.

Windows 8.1-enterprise

If you're wondering which is difference between Enterprise and Windows Windows 8.1 8.1 Pro, Enterprise edition comes with a few Feature Links In addition, such as:

  • Windows To Go Creator - Give users the ability to create a fully functional copy of Windows on a USB drive bootable 8.1
  • Start Screen Control - Allows users to control the layout (design) Start Screen's
  • Direct Access - Allows access resources / type of files on the network directly without having to open a VPN
  • App Locker - Allows you to restrict running certain applications or files in system
  • Assigned Access - Allows setting as default shell any application so that other users can not only use application that
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) - Enables users to run applications / graphics 3D, use touch devices and USB peripherals in any type of network (LAN or WAN) for different scenarios VDI
  • Windows Enterprise Slide Loading - Allow users to launch and run applications sids-by-side mode on PCs and tablets are on the same domain that runs Windows 8.1 Enterprise

Version 90 days trial a Windows 8.1 RTM Enterprise will be used (Download, install and activated) till March October 31 2014.

Download Windows 8.1 Enterprise Trial Version (90-days).

Note: The system requirements for this version of Windows are similar to those for Windows 8.1.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Download and Install Windows for free 8.1 Enterprise (90-days trial)

Download and install the free Windows 8.1 Enterprise (90 day trial)

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