Open applications in Windows 7, using key combinations. [Create keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7]

Keystrokes for fast access (keyboard shortcuts) Will help you quickly open some applications and to save time.
In Article , Show several key combinations (default) that will make your work easiersora in Windows 7.
Apart from keyboard shortcutURLs default, you can define new combinations of keysTo open applications.
Let's see a concrete case. We want to create a combination of keys that once opened will open  Microsoft Word Office 2003.

creates  keyboard shortcut for Microsoft Word Office 2003 [Windows 7].

1. go to Start Menu to the Microsoft application Word Office 2003, right-click on it, and in the menu that opens, click on Properties.

shortcut key - ms word

2. In box Microsoft Word Office 2003 Proerties, Go tabCPC shortcut, click on the box on the right "shortcut Key: ”(Where it says“ None ”), then select and press a key. The key you choose will be the key that in combination with Ctrl+ Other will open the MS Word The office.

ms shortcut key

Click the button Apply. If you are not logged in as Administrator, you will be greeted by a message "Access Denied“. Click the "Continue" button, then OK.

MS Office shortcut access denied
In our example we chose the key "W"(Ctrl+ Alt + W in Desktop - launches MS Word Office) as the de key shortcut for application, but you can choose any key you want. Condor is the shortcut key is not reserved by another application. You can create shortcut key to open the games, players, internet browsers, application connectivity, instant messaging clients, so other applications.

How to create custom keyboard shortcut to open any application in Windows 7.
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