Hyphenation of text and sectioning of a document in Word 2003

1. Hyphenation:

By default, a word that does not fit on the current row will automatically be passed on the next line (this is called W Amenitiesord Wrap). To avoid this, it may require spelling, using the option to end row Tools - Language - HyphenationIn whose dialog option is activated Automatically Hyphen Document.


If not meant parting words written in capital letters, inactivated switch Hyphen Words in CAPS. Hyphenation zone (Hypenation Zone) Specifies the right distance from the edge where it will try spelling, and the maximum number of consecutive lines on which to conduct specifies parting with one of the options box Limit Consecutive Hyphens To.


If automatic separation is not convenient, you can opt for the manual (by pressing User manual) In this case will enter the hyphen in the desired position.

2. Sectioning of a document

Sections are certain areas of document formatting features, which highlights content.


A document can have multiple sections, each with its own margins, headers / footers, numbering styles. They can be defined using the command Insertion - breakBy inserting a section on the next page delimiter (Next Page), The current position (Continuous) On the next page even number (Even Page) Or on the next page with an odd number (Odd Page).


Once defined a section, you can change the layout only her by choosing This section box To Apply page layout (File - Page Setup).

End of the section is symbolized by a dashed line containing the End of Section (In display mode Normal), Delete this line will result in joining two sections, keeping the second features.

Cu Insert-Break one can place marks the end of the page

Hyphenation of text and sectioning of a document in Word 2003

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