Right click disable (context menu) in Windows XP, Windows Sight yes Windows 7

Disable right-click option (or context menu) in , si .

If you are a user Administrator on an operating system that are available for more people and for whatever reason you want to restrict access their right click for Desktop, or is deactivated when da right click any file or folder system, then you need to follow some simple steps, but must follow very carefully because it involves changes .

Disable right-click () in Windows XP, Vista yes Windows 7.

context menu - right-click

1. go to Start > Run > And write "gpedit.msc"then press Enter.


2. In Local Group Policy Editor browse the menu on the left to Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Windows Explorer.

3. After selecting "Windows Explorer"Will open a list of arts left where you have to find and make double-click"remove Windows Explorer's default context menu".


4. In the window that opens, is set as default option "not Configured"Enable" and then click the "Enable" buttons.Apply"and" OK "to save the change.


After pressing OK 'll notice that when you make the mouseOr the buttons from touchpad right click nothing will come up.

If you want to block access to and right-click Taskbar si , Then you need that Local Group Policy Editor go to "User Configuration > administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar"and give it Enable to "Remove access to the context menus for the taskbar"And"Remove drag-and-drop and context menus on the Start Menu".

These options are valid for operating systems Windows Vista, Windows XP yes Windows 7.

Right click disable (context menu) in Windows XP, Windows Sight yes Windows 7

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