Disable Automatic Defragmentation (Windows Speed ​​View)

operating system Windows Vista He has put on an "automatic" a lot of services that can be launched from time to time. Many of them will help you maintain your computer at high performance, but often these services are run at odd times and in times when you need every resource memory.

disk Defragment is one of the services set (default) to run periodically on Windows Vista. There would be no problem if defragmentation took place once a month (in the case of hdd's moving / copying / deleting a lot of files), but maybe you want to choose yourself the moment to start defragmentation, especially that this process consumes enough resources to slow down the operating system.
How to disable automatic defragmentation.

Disable Automatic Disk Defragment (Sys Speed ​​Optimization / Windows Vista)

1. Go to the "Computer" and select the partition that you want to turn off automatic defragmentation.

2. Right-click on the selected partition (ex. C :) and click "Properties"

3. Click the tab "Tools". then click "Defragment Now .."


4. If you have UAC (User Account Control) enabled, click "Continue".

5. Panel opens "Disk Defragmenter"Where you have the option to turn off automatic defragmentation.

6. Uncheck the box next to "Run on a schedule" and click OK.


After following this step, automatic defragmentation has been disabled. Before unchecking the "Run on a schedule" box, you can select this operation for all partitions on your hard disk. “Select volume…”.

Disable Automatic Defragmentation (Windows Speed ​​View)

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