Disable Nero Scout and Optimize Windows 7 / 8 Vista after you install NERO.

Black is an excellent application for those who want to copy data (Music, movies, pictures, games, and other files) from your computer CD or DVD. The first version was a little of both BLACK able. Her copy / clone Disc, To convert files audio. MP3 in trackCompatible sites CD playersThem in the car and allow writing a CD / DVD in multiple sessions.

Over the years, Nero has grown and reached mature software do several things in one go. Do backup (Nero BackItUp), indexing multimedia files on the hard (Photos, music and videos), install media player si picture viewer, Tool Photo editing / videoPlus many toolSites that many users do not need. Nero BackItUp, Nero Burning ROM, Nero CoverDesigner (Covers to create and print the CDs), Nero Express, Nero Home, Nero MediaHome, Nero PhotoSnap Viewer Nero PhotoSnapNero Recode, Nero ShowTime (Media player) Nero SoundTrax, Nero StartSmart, Nero Vision, Nero WaveEditor (sound editor).

8 nero suite

If you use Nero to write and copy only CD / DVDSites, you should know that after you install NERO Suite 8 on your operating system appear some services () And processes (S) you do not need. Services and processes that will reduce operating system performanceWhatever it. , or .

Optimize Windows XP / Windows Vista and Windows 7 after installing Nero 8.

1. The first thing you should do after you finish the Nero installed is to give a Restart the computer AOPs to get in ""(Software) to erase the startup processes Nero.

Press Win + R to open the Run box and type "msconfig"Then press Enter.


2. In System Configuration go to tab Startup and uncheck the boxes in front of the services offered by Nero. Nero AG NeroCheck, Nero BackItUp si Nero Home.

nero services

Apply & OK. After reboot operating these services will not run automatically, but finally all Services to stop Nero, you still have to do some changes.

3. If open la Processes, I see that there are several processes Black running on the operating system. NBService.exe, NMIndexingService.exe si NMIndexStoreSvr.exe.

nero in task manager

To stop these services will have to go to Windows Services, Identify them and get them on "Startup type"- Manual or Disable.

Win + R and type "services.msc"


To stop running these services, you must identify them to do right click them in the list of services> Properties > Startup Tyle : Manual or Disable > Stop (If we have "Service Status: Started")> Apply > OK.

nero stop services

Nero services that can be stopped from Windows Services : Pass "Disable"Or"Manual"(Recommended)

Nero BackItUp Scheduler 3- Nero BackItUp Scheduler 3 is Responsible to control all jobs created using Nero BackItUp 3. These jobs CAN create backups of selected files / folders / partitions or complete hard disk to hard disk, network drive, disc or FTP.

NMIndexingService - Service of Nero Scout. Personally I do not think it's necessary, but if you need Nero Scout leave the service running. Nero Scout is present in "Computer" where it appears as a system folder.

Before you click "Disable" to it (NMIndexingService) go to computer > right click pe Nero Scout > Properties > uncheck box to the right "Enable Nero Scout"> Apply & OK.

Nero Scout is a database application unique. Many media players use a proprietary database to store meta data and the locations of media filesNero Scout spread over the PC. However, Nero Scout is different. It is optimized to Provide you the fastest ever access to your media files from all Nero applications. Also it allows you to browse your media files from Windows Explorer or virtually any application you want. You no longer have to worry about HAVING five databases on your system each storing the same information in a slightly different way. All You Need is Nero Scout now ...


After reboot disable these services. Nero will work perfectly when you want to copy / write CD / DVD or use services provided by 8 Nero suite. Less if you went Nero Scout service "Disable".

Tutorial made with Nero installed on Windows 8 7 Ultimate.

Disable Nero Scout and Optimize Windows 7 / 8 Vista after you install NERO.

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