FeatureCPC System Restore from Windows XP it should help us to restore the operating system after an error or after it has become infected. In many situations System The restore from Windows XP only occupied additional space on hard disk and consume system resources. From my own experience, I say that it never helped me when I needed to return the system to the state before the appearance of one errors or virus.

System Restore has been maintained by Microsoft on operating systems as well Windows Sight yes , but it is incomparably better than the one on Windows XP.

Although this feature is enabled default since the installation of the system, few users know of its existence. "System Restore ”on Windows XP takes up space hard disk with fisrele backup and execute processes / services every time major changes occur on the system and it is necessary to make a "restore point".

Disable / Turn off Windows XP System Restore

All you have to do is follow a few very simple steps to deactivate System Restore on Windows XP.

1. go to > Run (or press the Win + R keys directly) key Sysdm.cpl in the run box and press Enter.


2. In the panel “System Properties "we go to the tab"System Restore ", we tick the box next to"turn off System Restore on all drives".

Disable System Restore Windows XP

3. Apply and OK to save the changes.

- Turn off System Restore in Windows XP.

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