HP Driver UAC Popup Update Disable Windows Vista

If you use operating system Windows Vista and have a HP, Especially one All-In-One, Then you probably noticed that once a week "blooms" on the monitor PopupThe (irritating as complete) User Account Control requesting permission to run a Update Hewlett Packard called hprbupdate.exe.

The problem is that HP drivers include default, some updates, but these updates require Administrator privileges to run, in addition, updates are not even for drivers, but for help and support.

UAC To disable this popup, you will need to run Configuration Tool directory:

C: \ Program Files \ HP \ Digital Imaging \ Product Assistant \ bin

Then launch hprbui.exeIe Hewlett-Packard Product Assistant UI.

hprbuiOnce you open that window, click on Preferences left panel.

HP product assistant Then, check Disable Notifications si Disable Solution Updates the Basic Settings, and click the button Save.

Basic Settings 

Disable Help Content Update

Open HP Solution CenterThen, at the bottom of the window, click the Settings button.

Solutions Center Then, in the window Other Settings, Hover your mouse over the button and choose Other Update Preferences menu displayed.

other settings Now uncheck Enable help Contents updates automatically.

update preferences

And that's it! This disturbing update will not appear on your screens ;)

HP Driver UAC Popup Update Disable Windows Vista

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