Deactivate or reactivate the screen options Ctrl + Alt + Del in Windows 7

Each Windows User customize their computer supplied as he thinks fit, be it only OS theme or changes design and software that requires some advanced knowledge about something Windows (To make changes manually) or using third applications.

How can we customize the screen Ctrl + Alt + Del?


If you Windows user 7 and you want to customize screen Ctrl + Alt + Del of the operating system (the screen that opens when using Ctrl + Alt + Del), You can do so Local Group Policy Editor (Only valid for Professional Windows 7, Windows Ultimate 7 or 7 Windows Enterprise; 7 Windows Starter si 7 Windows Home Premium do not have this utility) of registry Editor or more quickly (and safely) using Tweak Ctrl + Alt + Del Options Tool.

Tweak Ctrl + Alt + Del Options Tool is a application small and portable (No installation required) to help Windows users 7 to change the screen Ctrl + Alt + Del by adding or removing certain options.

CAD tweak options

For example, if you want the screen Ctrl + Alt + Del to be shown the option to change the username (Switch User), The option to log out the current user (Log off) And the option to change users' passwords (Change of password) You just need to open Tweak Ctrl + Alt + Del Options Tool and tick commands disable these options. Then click on OK and close the application. Ctrl + Alt + Del screen will look like this:


If you wish to recall the options canceledOpen the application and uncheck to disable commands.

If you want to use an application to change the Ctrl + Alt + Del screen, you can disable manual from Local Group Policy Editor (For open type gpedit.msc in Search site from Start Menu and give Enter). Navigate to User Configuration> Administrative Templates> System> Ctrl + Alt + Del Options (Left panel).


Then double-click on any settings the right to activate (select Enabled and click on OK). To give off again double click on Settings and select not Configured or Disabled)

Note: Tweak Ctrl + Alt + Del Options Tool is compatible with Windows Vista (does not work on XP).

- Disable or enable Ctrl + Alt + Del screen options in Windows 7

Deactivate or reactivate the screen options Ctrl + Alt + Del in Windows 7

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