Disables Copy, Cut, Paste and Delete commands in Windows

It gives a Personal computer ownership with a private data scattered randomly through different folders, Concealed or kept out of sight. From that computer to give accession persons adjacent (Siblings, parents, friends, etc.). Later you find out that your private data, including hidden, I'm not quite as private as you wish you did, and that they cloned by computers these people. Or (another film, another scenario) were evaporated.

After that ... give a few pounds of nerves, one or more Lessons learned and Stopper.exe.

Stopper is a programel which, as the name suggests, people who want to trip you Steal or you destroy some files from PC. Once installed, Not Stopper restrict access others in your files (for this there passwords), But simply command disables such as Copy, Cut, paste or even Delete. This way no one could copy or delete files from your PC. Will be disabled including shortcuts on the keyboard (like combinations Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Shift+ Delete).


To active these commands again, enter Task Manager and yes end Task or end Process la Stopper.exe (For greater certainty, rename Stopper.exe in wmf.exe, winx.exe or any other name that is easy to remember, to make sure that the program will not be found by those who restrict).

To stop worrying about personal files, make sure that the application starts automatic every time you open your PC by copying shortcut it in folder Startup (Start Menu -> Programs).

Download Stopper.exe.

Stopper.exe is compatible with all versions of Windows.

Disables Copy, Cut, Paste and Delete commands in Windows

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