Disable right-click menu in Windows Taskbar and Windows 7 8

In Windowsincluding Taskbar has a right-click menu (context Menu) Which can be accessed through certain System features or may be modified options the taskbar. If you do not want other computer users can access either Task ManagerOr to make changes in Toolbars used your, er be a solution disable right click menu of the taskbar.

How to disable the Taskbar Context Menu's?

To deactivate the right click menu of the taskbar will appeal to a small Registry hack. Before performing this, it is recommended create a backup of the system registry (To avoid possible unpleasant consequences).

  • open registry Editor (type: Windows + R to open RunThen write regedit and click on OK)
  • navigate to key site HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies
  • in the left panel, create a subkey named Explorer (Right-click on Policies and select New> Key)


  • in the right pane, under Explorer, Create a crontab DWORD NoViewContextMenu, Which give it value 1


  • still under Explorer (And everything in the right pane), then create DWORD entry NoTrayContextMenu, Whom you all value 1


  • then close regedit and restart explorer.exe for changes to take effect.

And that's it. Right-click menu Taskbar will not be displayed.

Note: Changes will take effect just right-click menu for vacancies on Taskbar, Start button and watch. Right-click menus to set the Taskbar programs will still be displayed and accessible.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Disable Taskbar right click menu in Windows and Windows 7 8

Disable right-click menu in Windows Taskbar and Windows 7 8

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