Disable Windows Problem Reporting [Windows DO NOT type]

Each time a program / application walk away from us when we are dearest world (Ie - in short - crack), WindowsThrow salt on the wound blossoming us on monitor simpaticele Error reports (error reporting). I'm not saying that these reports would be useful even to those who recommend daily or occasional meetings with them to waste even a minute of their limited time to send the Microsoft opinions, impressions, swearing etc. (In total accordance with the mood of the error report when we announced nonchalantly that have to start over). But if these meetings have become annoying (sooner or later it will happen), our second recommendation of this post is to disable reports that, even if it will not prevent applications given their short breaks. But at least it will not brag about it.

So, to disables error reports Windowscommunity (Windows problem reporting), open it Start Menu, Type in the problem report Search box, select Choose how to report problems then let Enter.

report change_settings

In the open window of check Never check for solutions and click on OK. If you want the settings to be changed for all users of the system, click on Change report settings for all users.


Note: These settings do not work to stop of the errors that applications sometimes give, but only prevents Windowsto flaunt them ostentatiously through our eyes.

Disable Windows Problem Reporting [Windows DO NOT type]

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