Uninstall the Windows XP Interface Language Romanian

After some time I saw we download and install . Today I'll show you how to switch from one interface to one Romanian language English.

After which install Romanian language packMany users utilizaotri of Windows XP tend to enter control Panel to "Date, Time, Language and Regional Options"To return to English.

Regional Options - Windows XP

On "Date, Time, Language and Regional Options"There are some settings for language, but there can not be the language settings in the GUI. You can change time zoneSoftware, the keyboard language (for those who keypads per system in Romanian, French, Italian, German, etc ...), unicode ...

How do I uninstall Romanian Language Pack to change back to English (WinXP)

To switch the system from Romanian into EnglishYou will need to uninstall the language pack for Romanian. Removing no different than installing a regular software (Winamp, Yahoo! Messenger ... etc).

1. go to control Panel la Add / Remove Programs and start the uninstall process (click on Elimination) Of "Windows Language Interface Pack"/

control panel - language pack

2. Wait until finish the uninstall process and then press "Yes" to restart the computer.

reboot - uninstall Language Pack

You'll notice even during the restart, Windows XP will display messages in English.

Windows XP - Restart

Pnreu Windows users 7, language change is from control Panel > Change Display LanguageAnd install the language pack is from Windows Update.

Download & Install Interface in Romanian for Windows 7.

Uninstall the Windows XP Interface Language Romanian

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